Resignation Letter Template

How to Resign

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

Maybe you’ve been called for a new job, and you’ve accepted it, or perhaps you no longer are interested in going to your current place of work. Regardless of your reasons, quitting your job is not as simple as many people think is. Remember, even though you are leaving that work environment, you want to resign as gracefully and professionally as possible. Of course, you have to write and present a resignation letter to your boss. But, there are other things you need to do as well to ensure that you leave with dignity and grace. Here are steps to follow to quit your current job and leave your reputation intact professionally.

Before you resign, there are some considerations that you have to make. For instance:

Ensure that you have a job offer letter. Most people are often in a hurry to leave their workplaces for other jobs, just because they were promised. Never make a mistake of quitting without having your job letter offer in your hands. It’s not new for employers to renege on job offers, so if you are leaving to another place, ensure that you’ve been accepted. Consider your reasons for leaving. Some individuals are spontaneous. They can quit their jobs simply because they are angry with their boss or the company or other rights. If you have a valid reason to resign, then go for it. But if it’s something you can work out, then it’s best that you hold onto your job.

How to Prepare to Resign

Since you don’t know how your employer will react, it’s always best that you prepare for your departure. Here is what to do: Organize your current projects so that you don’t leave them hanging This involves planning your transfer responsibilities. It’s not right that you leave your boss with unfinished work. You can also suggest that you be shifted to other departments while waiting for your position to be filled.

Write your resignation letter

A resignation letter is more of a thank you note. It should explain your gratitude for being allowed to work for that company. Also, include the last day of your job.

Notify your boss

Before telling anyone else of your plans to resign, tell your manager first. Tell him/her what you are doing but skip on the “whys” unless it’s really necessary. Remember to keep a positive tone even as you do that.

Say your goodbyes in a professional manner

If you’ve issued a one month notice, you’ll have enough time to inform your colleagues that you are leaving. You can either tell them face to face or email them a formal note. Make sure that you say something brief about where you are going. You could also include your contacts so that they can reach you. Leaving from a place you like is a challenge for many people. But it’s essential that when you resign, you do so in a way that reinforces your reputation and ensures that the good relationship you had with your employer and colleagues is well maintained into the future. Even if you don’t love your boss or your job, you don’t want to leave your current employer angry about you and your resignation from the company.